LinkedIn Profile for Experienced Professionals


Ideal for recent graduates or individuals in entry-level jobs, our LinkedIn Profile service will provide you with a professional profile that impresses recruiters, hiring managers, and colleagues. It is the perfect compliment to a professional one-page resume.

  • Capture recruiters’ attention
  • Help hiring managers understand the value you will add to their organization
  • Make a positive impression while networking
  • Build credibility as a professional


For most professionals, LinkedIn is the most powerful tool in their job search arsenal.

A resume is no longer enough to get a job

The coolest wireless devices used to be flip phones. A 48k dial-up modem used to be screamin’ fast. You used to get a job by applying for it and handing out a neatly-formatted resume that listed all of your experience.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and search algorithms have changed all of that. Assuming your resume is good enough to get past the screening software and be seen by a human, the first thing they’re likely to do is look you up on LinkedIn. A quality resume should be a marketing brochure showcasing your qualifications. LinkedIn is an advertisement for who you are as a professional.

As an experienced professional, your best job search strategy is to be found

Recruiters and staffing managers always prefer to secure candidates that are already employed in the fields or disciplines related to the role they need to fill. They use the LinkedIn Recruiter portal to search candidates like you  use Google to search the web. The vast majority of the time, mid-level to senior roles are not filled by someone who applied. They are filled by a referral or someone sourced through LinkedIn.

If you aren’t presently working, we have strategies that help you get found along with your employed peers. You have a ton to offer, and we can help make sure that is recognized by the search algorithms that recruiters use to identify candidates and fill jobs.

We have the expertise to set you apart on LinkedIn

Our team contains Nationally Certified Online Profile Experts (NCOPE) with the expertise to optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it is discovered by recruiters. We’ll also craft it using plenty of keywords that LinkedIn’s recruiter portal search algorithm will love.

Lastly, we have experience as hiring managers, so we know what your future employer wants to see. We’ll make sure those elements jump out at them without making it look like you’re trying too hard.